Maintenance Products
Protect your investment with a sensible amount of care and upkeep.

Products listed below work best if used in conjunction with the other maintenance products.

All orders received by 2:00PM CST (M-F) will ship the same day.

Combination Liquid Cleaner & Polish
Combination removes the grit and grime from the pores of your board.

Combination Liquid Cleaner & Polish (1 quart can)
#2030-01 14.00

De Lux Paste Wax
Paste Wax fills any scratches or cracks in finish of your board. Recommended usage is once every other month.

De Lux Paste Wax (1 lb can)
#2035-01 14.00

Master Glaze
Master Glaze will add a protective coating which allows for an exciting playing field on your board

Master Glaze Shuffleboard Dressing (1 quart can)
#2040-01 17.00

Spray Cleaner (19 oz can)
May be used as needed, depending on play frequency. Its purpose is to quickly remove dirt and grime from the play surface.
#2031-01 (single can) 13.00
#2031-12 (Case of 12) 114.00

Silicone Spray
Silicone Spray acts as an assistant to the shuffleboard powder. A light coat helps eliminate tracking, saves on powder and adds a punch of excitement to the game. This spray is specifically designed for shuffleboard tables. A must have for any player!

Silicone Spray (12 oz can)
#2045-01 (single can) 11.00
#2045-12 (Case of 12) 99.00


Shuffleboard Maintenance Kit
Includes all necessary items to keep your shuffleboard in like-new condition (when used as directed). Step-by-step instruction sheet included.

Spray Cleaner (19 0z.), Combination Liquid Cleaner & Polish (1 qt.), Master Glaze (1 qt.) , Paste Wax (1 lb.)
#2033-01 48.00