Add to the fun and function of your shuffleboard.
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Board Wipe

A must have tool that provides a quick, easy cleanup of the powder on your board.
#2090-01 38.00

Plastic T-Square
T-squares are made of durable plastic for exact measuring. Available in yellow or white.

#2075-01Y (yellow) 13.00
Score Units

Framed Chalk Scoreboard
24"T x 16"W

Perfect for any game room.
#2081-01 (Light Stain) 92.00
#2081-02 (Darker Stain) 92.00
Wood/Brass Scoreboard (Scores to 100)
Wood or Brass to 100 Scoreboards add a stylish touch to your shuffleboard game.
#2080-02DK (Dark wood) 44.00
#2080-02LT (Light wood) 44.00

Abacus Score Keeper

#2085-01 55.00

All Plastic Scoreboard
The plastic scoreboards help you keep track of your points. Available in red and blue or red and green.

#2080-01 57.00

Replacement Plastic Slide & O-Ring for All Plastic Scoreboard

#2085-01B (Blue) 2.00
#2085-01R (Red) 2.00
#2085-01G (Green) 2.00

Universal Electronic Score Unit

Dimensions: 11 3/4" wide x 6" tall x 3 1/2" deep; Cord Length: 6 ft, Durable Molded Plastic housing, Scores 1-99, Mounts on the table or wall
#2099-01 237.00


Wall Decorations
Spice up your game room with these bright items and you can keep track of your many hours of shuffleboard play.
(AC adapter included)

Champion Logo - 14" Diameter
Sun-Glo Logo - 14" Diameter
Antique Look Shuffleboard Art - Framed
Shuffleboard Rules - Framed
House Rules - Framed



Drink Holder
Solid Wood - Light Stain - Mounts to table rail
Perfect accessory for those who entertain. Offer your guests a nearby place to set their beverage while enjoying a game of shuffleboard.
Not compatible with Qualifier boards.

Bowling Pins
Bowling pins-turn your board into a bowling alley with miniature bowling pins.

Bowling Pins (Set of 10)
#2083-10 61.00

Wooden pin rack for 10 mini bowling pins

#2083-10PR 37.00

Shuffleboard Covers
(Heavy Duty Vinyl with cloth backing)

A must have item so you can keep your shuffleboard protected, no matter what the environment.

9' Shuffleboard Cover
#2090-09 86.00
12' Shuffleboard Cover
#2090-12 110.00
14' Shuffleboard Cover
#2090-14 123.00
16' Shuffleboard Cover
#2090-16 134.00
18' Shuffleboard Cover
#2090-18 140.00
20' Shuffleboard Cover
#2090-20 145.00
22' Shuffleboard Cover
#2090-22 150.00